Product catalog

Skirmish Black

  • For training purposes
  • Bright-coloured 
  • Robust shell

One of the world’s most accurate field grade paintballs. The robust shell and thick, bright-coloured fill makes them suitable for all markers and weather conditions. Designed to withstand rough play, both in natural terrain and indoor locations. Recommended for training purposes and recreational use.

Proshar Premium

  • Training grade
  • Solid or two-tone shell
  • Perfect blend of stability and efficiency

High-performance solid or two-tone shell training grade paintballs that offer a perfect blend of stability and efficiency in use. Our special formulation provides ample firmness during flight while retaining the fragility of the paintball shell for consistent breakage on target.

Proshar Tournament

  • Tournament grade
  • Ultra bright
  • Perfectly balanced size, shape and weight

Tournament grade paintballs that set an unrivalled quality standard due to their perfectly balanced size, shape and weight. This product is specially designed to achieve exceptional flight trajectory and pin point accuracy. The ball’s extreme brittleness, coupled with our ultra bright, hard to wipe off fill make it an ideal choice for lightning fast eliminations.

Pro Ice

  • To play at sub-zero temperatures
  • Robust shell
  • Flourescent shell

A special series of paintballs that have been designed to withstand the very harsh Russian winters. Enhanced fluorescent shell and the fill retain their properties and consistency at sub-zero temperatures.

50 Caliber

  • Light weight
  • For beginners and amateur teams
  • For children

Turning paintball into a game that is even more accessible with our 0.5 caliber paintballs. The balls’ light weight makes them just right for beginners, children and amateur teams, while their excellent performance, accuracy and efficiency put them on the level as our Premium range.

Mellow Yellow

  • For any weather
  • Best price
  • Filler based on a combination of natural ingredients

The technology of using filler based on a combination of natural ingredients. A wide range of temperatures using Mellow Yellow allows you to play in any weather in the winter and in the summer.